Unique Benefits of WoodStraw® ECM:

  • 100% Weed Free

  • 100% Pesticide / Chemical Free

  • Resistant to High Winds

  • Economical - Will not have to replace it

  • Prevents Rill Formation

  • Minimizes Dust (PM10)

  • Promotes Revegetation

  • Long Lasting (4+ Years)

  • Convenient - Regular and Large bales

  • Walk / Drive on it

  • Animals Will Not Eat It

  • Attractive

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The Science Behind the Product

WoodStraw® ECM is an engineered erosion control material. A significant amount of research was spent developing the science behind the product. You can be assured that you are getting the best product possible when you use WoodStraw® ECM on your projects.

WoodStraw® - An SBIR Success Story


Technical Reports:

  • Development and Application of Wood-Strand Material for Post-Wildfire Erosion Control and Revegetation (2015) (pdf, 1,931kB)
  • Field Experience with Wood-Strand Erosion Control Mulch on Mine and Pipeline Projects (2013) (pdf, 357kB)
  • Wood-Based Mulch: Are You Covered? - Environmental Connection Article (2013) (pdf, 8,070kB)
  • Castle Rock Fire Straw Monitoring Report (2009) (pdf, 881kB)
  • A Wood-Strand Material for Wind Erosion Control: Effects on Total Sediment Loss, PM10 Vertical Flux, and PM10 Loss (2009) (pdf, 870kB)
  • ESR 3 Year Revegetation Monitoring Report Following the 2005 Snake One Fire (2008) (pdf, 20kB)
  • Field Testing of Wood-based Biomass Erosion Control Materials on Obliterated Roads (2007) (pdf, 196kB)
  • Evaluating Material Properties to Optimize Wood Strands for Wind Erosion Control (2006) (pdf, 130kB)
  • Performance Assessment of Wood Strand Erosion Control Materials Among Varying Slopes, Soil Textures, and Cover Amounts (2006) (pdf, 208kB)
  • Field Performance of Long-Strand Wood Erosion Control Mulch and Agricultural Straw Under Natural Rainfall Events (2005) (pdf, 1.04MB)
  • Hayman Fire Rehabilitation Treatment Monitoring Progress Report (2005) (pdf, 385kB)
  • Comparison of Erosion Reduction Between Wood Strands and Agricultural Straw (2003) (pdf, 1.73MB)

Development of WoodStraw® ECM was supported in-part by the Small Business Innovation Research program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA/CSREES/SBIR). Additional scientific research was provided by USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station - Moscow Idaho, Washington State University, USDA Agricultural Research Service, and the Washington Technology Center.

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