Unique Benefits of WoodStraw® ECM:

  • 100% Weed Free

  • 100% Pesticide / Chemical Free

  • Resistant to High Winds

  • Economical - Will not have to replace it

  • Prevents Rill Formation

  • Minimizes Dust (PM10)

  • Promotes Revegetation

  • Long Lasting (4+ Years)

  • Convenient - Regular and Large bales

  • Walk / Drive on it

  • Animals Will Not Eat It

  • Attractive

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WoodStraw® News

Forest Concepts Licenses WoodStraw® to ECI for the Northwest

October 12, 2015

Forest Concepts has licensed the production and sale of WoodStraw® erosion control mulch for the northwestern states to Erosion Control Innovations (ECI) of Enumclaw, WA. ECI also acquired Forest Concepts' production equipment to produce both regular bales and large bales and is moving production to the former Weyerhaeuser Enumclaw sawmill site on Highway 410 now owned by Miles Sand and Gravel. The new expansive location will enable capacity for maintaining larger inventories of both bale sizes which means increased availability of WoodStraw® for projects in the northwest.

WoodStraw® erosion control mulch is widely used as a replacement for agricultural straw, rolled erosion blankets, wattles and hydromulch. WoodStraw® is produced from low grade veneer and is an effective water and wind erosion stabilizer, inherently 100% weed-free, resistant to high winds, long lasting for 4+ years, durable, attractive, promotes revegetation and is easy to apply by hand, straw blower and helicopter. WoodStraw® does not require staples or tackifiers like ag straw, blankets and wattles nor does it require large volumes of water like hydromulch.

Erosion Control Innovations is Forest Concepts' second regional licensee for WoodStraw® technology. The first licensee was Mountain Pine Manufacturing located in Steamboat Springs, CO and serving the Rocky Mountain states. Forest Concepts is in discussions for a third regional licensee to be located in northern Arizona to serve Southern California and the southwestern states and a fourth to be located in the mid-Atlantic states on the east coast.

The use of WoodStraw® has been approved by the Washington State Department of Ecology and the Departments of Transportation for Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Colorado and Mississippi with more state approvals pending.

About Erosion Control Innovations:

Erosion Control Innovations (ECI) is a member of the Northwest Renewable Energy Group located in Enumclaw, WA that also includes Arsiero Logging. ECI is dedicated to manufacturing and selling WoodStraw® in the northwest US.


Erosion Control Innovations - Paul Thielman - 206.518.4024 - paul@ecinn.net

WoodStraw® and Mt. West Helicopters featured in the news...

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